Spinning manufacture

Machines for high-speed molding of polyester yarns by Oerlikon Barmag.



Products: polyester preoriented yarn (POY) unpainted and dyed in bulk.



Linear density POY from 20 to 60 tex (from 200 to 600 dtex). The number of filaments: 48,70,96.


Machines for combined stretching and frictional texturing by "Oerlikon Barmag" company.



Products: textured unpainted and dyed in bulk  yarn (DTY).


Linear density DTY from 12,5 to 65 tex (from 125 to 650 dtex).



Machines for combined drawing and air texturing by "Scharer Schweiter Mettler AG" company.



Products: air textured unpainted and dyed yarn (ATY).



Linear density from 38 to 135 tex (from 380 to 1350 dtex).


Weaving production


Preparation: High-speed band-saw machine "Prashantgroup".


Weaving: weaving non-shuttle bearing rapier machines by "Picanol" and "Panter" companies.


Products: polyester decorative fabrics.


The surface density of the fabric is from 150 to 500 g/m2.


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Компания Ztex


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